Trust me I've heard them all at this point - "it's not the right time of year",  "I'm too busy at the moment" etc. etc. The truth is that there will never ever be a perfect time to start getting in shape, if there was then people would probably never put on weight in the first place. Because all of those reasons people give for not making positive changes to their eating and exercise habits are all barriers that THEY put in the way, in order to justify their inaction.

For those that aren't aware I operate a mobile Personal Training service. That means that unless my clients have a space indoors where we can train, we do our sessions outdoors usually in a local park. Yes even in winter... come rain, wind and bitterly cold conditions we still train - no excuses. Now some people might be reading this thinking that my clients must be mad, but they are more than likely the people that use the same excuses every year about why they haven't made more of an effort to lose weight. Because if you are going to let something like the weather dictate whether (no pun intended) you achieve your goals or not, then you're already screwed.

In addition to being cold and miserable at the moment this is also around the time that many people will give up on their 2019 health and fitness goals, despite the fact that we are only just approaching October. I've personally already heard numerous people talking about how 2020 is going to be the year they finally lose weight. Let me do you a favour - it won't be. Because unless you are prepared to take action right now, then you never will. Simple as that.

The good news is that if you stop relying on your environment and pictures of people with infinitely better genetics then you on Instagram to motivate you. You will find that making small changes like stopping drinking Monday-Friday and doing 10,000 steps a day are much easier than you think. From there only you can decide what is possible if you just stop making excuses.

Arland Craik
Personal Trainer Thatcham & Newbury


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