Too Much Sugar in Fruit?

This topic comes from a conversation I had with a client last week about sugar intake and how if you are trying to lose weight it's something to pay attention to... They asked me "what about all the sugar in fruit? Isn't that bad for you?" Now this is a perfectly reasonable question as on the surface you would be correct in assuming that fruit does contain a large amount of sugar, however it's important to understand that not all sugars are created equal - Allow me to explain...

The sugar that is naturally contained within fruit is unrefined and has a low glycemic-index meaning that is broken down by your body slowly. Conversely, refined sugar i.e. cane sugar is broken down very rapidly causing a spike in insulin and blood sugar levels. When you consume large quantities of refined sugar throughout the day your blood sugar will be chronically elevated. This often leads to weight gain because your body has no choice but to store any more sugar that is digested as fat. Whats more is that your body will require more and more insulin to cope with the excess sugar in your blood which puts you at risk of type 2 diabetes. In addition because refined sugar is digested so quickly you never really feel satisfied, that's why it's so easy to get through a giant bag of Haribo in one sitting despite the massive number of calories you are consuming.

Our population now consumes more refined sugar that any generation before, largely due to the high amount contained within processed foods. Making matter worse processed foods contain much fewer of the vital nutrients that our bodies need to be healthy. Fruit on the other hand contains essential vitamins and minerals, plus it's full of fiber which keeps you feeling fuller for longer.

In summary if you are trying to lose weight or just generally trying to eat more healthily, don't concern yourself over eating too much fruit. The best rule to follow is to consume as many natural occurring sources of food as possible and you will be fine. If you need any further guidance on how to improve your diet and nutrition, I provide tailored meal plans as part of my Personal Training service, please get in touch anytime via my website to find out how I can support you in achieving your goals.


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