What do THEY need a Personal Trainer for?

Quick background story for this one...

Last week as I was packing my equipment away a random lady came up to me and asked in reference to my client whom I had just been training "What do THEY need a Personal Trainer for?" It seemed an odd question to me at first because in my mind there are tonnes of obvious reasons why somebody would benefit from having a PT - yes of course I would say that but even so... The lady obviously recognized my confusion as she qualified her question by stating how my client was already in great shape and hardly needed my help - because clearly unless you are 4 stone overweight you don't need to exercise...

Now this person is by no means alone in her way of thinking - but why? In my mind it's due to our fixation with body weight and being fat and in all fairness that's for a good reason. Research published by the NHS in 2017 indicated that most adults in the UK (64%) are overweight or obese, with the number who are obese rising by 29% in recent years. At the end of the day we have a public health crisis on our hands when it comes to how fat we are as a society and that obviously needs to be addressed. However, I think that at times this can mean that we overlook all of the other health related benefits of doing regular exercise - here are just a few of the main ones:

1. Mental health
Many people would argue that the other health crisis we currently face is related to our mental well being. Exercise has been shown to be equally as effective at treating depression as prescription drugs and does not come with any of the same side effects. It high time we started focusing on exercise a necessary component of good mental health.

2. Energy levels
One of the immediate benefits that my clients describe when they first start training with me is an increase in energy levels and a feeling of being reinvigorated after a number of years of feeling drained. It may seem counter-intuitive, but the more exercise you do the less tired you feel.

3. Fitness
Even if you aren't over weight if you get out of breath doing day to day activities such as climbing multiple flights of stairs it may be time to think about exercising more. In my opinion it's far better to be a little bit on the chubby side but have a good level of cardiovascular fitness and muscle strength. This is something that no amount of dieting will help you with and can only be achieved through an exercise regimen.

4. Enjoyment
Exercise doesn't have to be boring and unpleasant. Yes you are supposed to sweat a bit and it's key to remember that you are doing it for a particular outcome and not necessarily to have the time of your life - but my clients tell me all the time that they are surprised at how much they enjoy training with me.

Aside from failing to acknowledge all of the benefits of exercise, the other problem is that training and exercise is viewed by most as a punishment for poor lifestyle choices and something you only do when you need to lose weight. The issue with this is you end up in the constant cycle of getting fat so you start to exercise and as a result lose weight, only to put it back on again because you didn't think that you needed to exercise anymore. Trust me I've seen it time and time again until you are able to change your mindset and start thinking of exercise as part of your normal weekly routine you will NEVER be able to keep weight off in the long term.

So if you are interested in changing the way you look and feel FOR GOOD - get in touch anytime via my website www.arlandcraikpersonaltraining.co.uk.


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