Top 6 Benefits of Training with a Partner

When it comes to training on your own or with a partner everyone has there preference, personally I enjoy the variety of both. When I'm doing a session by myself it's an opportunity to test my mental resolve, with no one else to make me push myself to the limit it's all down to my own self-discipline. This is really important because you never want to be totally reliant on anyone else to achieve your goals. However I do also enjoy training with someone else as well and this comes with it's own list of benefits - Here are my top 6:

1. You Hold Each Other Accountable
Its so easy to talk yourself out of doing a workout - you're too tired, you had a bad day at work, there's laundry to do at home. We've all used excuses like this to justify missing a training session, but if it's not only yourself that you are letting down by skipping a workout it's more likely you will stick to your exercise regimen.

2. It's More Enjoyable
It doesn't all have to be ALL hard work and NO fun and there's no doubt that training with someone you get on with makes the time you spend sweating go a lot faster. This means that you are less likely to make an excuse not to train and spend longer in the gym or wherever you like to workout.

3. You Push Each Other
Some healthy competition goes a long way towards making you work harder. It's best if your training partner is of a similar ability to you as this means you both have to push yourselves to stay with the other. If one of you is a lot stronger/fitter if can make whoever is less able feel inadequate, or worse make them push themselves to do something which is too difficult - So choose your partner carefully.

4. You can Coach Each Other
Even though most gyms nowadays are full of mirrors so you can monitor your form, there's nothing like having someone else there to ensure your technique is on point. In addition when it comes to strength training, in my view to get the best results you HAVE to push your muscles to the point of failure. For many lifts such as the bench press you need a partner to do this safely.

5. Support Each Other in Achieving your Mutual Goals
Having someone there to encourage you when you are struggling and be happy for you when you succeed is invaluable. Getting in shape should always be about your own personal aspirations, but sharing your achievements with somebody else has a massive impact on your self-esteem. Never underestimate the power of someone telling you how much you have improved.

6. You can Save Money When you Train with me
I don't charge anymore for training two people at the same time, so you can buddy up with someone else and share the cost of a training session.

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