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What do THEY need a Personal Trainer for?

Quick background story for this one...

Last week as I was packing my equipment away a random lady came up to me and asked in reference to my client whom I had just been training "What do THEY need a Personal Trainer for?" It seemed an odd question to me at first because in my mind there are tonnes of obvious reasons why somebody would benefit from having a PT - yes of course I would say that but even so... The lady obviously recognized my confusion as she qualified her question by stating how my client was already in great shape and hardly needed my help - because clearly unless you are 4 stone overweight you don't need to exercise...

Now this person is by no means alone in her way of thinking - but why? In my mind it's due to our fixation with body weight and being fat and in all fairness that's for a good reason. Research published by the NHS in 2017 indicated that most adults in the UK (64%) are overweight or obese, with the number who are obese rising by 29% …

Top 6 Benefits of Training with a Partner

When it comes to training on your own or with a partner everyone has there preference, personally I enjoy the variety of both. When I'm doing a session by myself it's an opportunity to test my mental resolve, with no one else to make me push myself to the limit it's all down to my own self-discipline. This is really important because you never want to be totally reliant on anyone else to achieve your goals. However I do also enjoy training with someone else as well and this comes with it's own list of benefits - Here are my top 6:

1. You Hold Each Other Accountable
Its so easy to talk yourself out of doing a workout - you're too tired, you had a bad day at work, there's laundry to do at home. We've all used excuses like this to justify missing a training session, but if it's not only yourself that you are letting down by skipping a workout it's more likely you will stick to your exercise regimen.

2. It's More Enjoyable
It doesn't all have to b…