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Teacher's pet...

If you're thinking about losing weight and getting fit

And you've got good people around you

Then the majority of the time you will receive words of encouragement

However you also need to be prepared to be faced with some negativity about your lifestyle changes

Because unfortunately not everybody cares as much as you do

Well actually they do

They just don't want to admit it

And to make themselves feel better about being overweight, they bash your efforts to get healthier

It's a bit like when you were at school and someone answers a question correctly or scores well in an exam

Then gets ridiculed by those that aren't as smart for being a "teacher's pet"

The truth is that these people are jealous that you have the will to change

And most of all they are insecure about trying and subsequently failing at it themselves

So they don't try at all

And anyone that does is "boring"

But I tell you what is more boring

Not having the confidence to wear certain outfi…

Thinking about having a sober October?

Going dry for January has been fairly commonplace for a while now

But in recent years we've had sober October as well

One of the biggest hurdles people have to overcome when trying to lose weight is alcohol

The empty calories often go unaccounted for when tracking daily stats and getting rid of them alone will go a long way to shifting a few pounds each week

The problem with booze is it's so deeply embedded in our culture that is difficult to avoid

Unless you are giving it up for a month

So in some ways have a sober month is a great thing if you are unhappy with your weight

However, it does reflect a common problem with peoples' attitudes...

If you are reading this and you are overweight, being good for a month is not the answer

It's the typical 'diet' mentality that sabotages nearly everyone's health and fitness regimes

Trying to be perfect is just not going to happen - start with just trying to be a bit better

Restricting yourself to drinking just once a week for th…

Being flexible is essential - but not in the way you might think...

Being flexible is crucial when it comes to getting in shape

But not in the way that you might think...

I'm not talking about the importance of being able to touch your toes

But rather the importance of being able to adapt the process of losing weight and getting fit

Because at the end of the day we all live busy and complicated lives

So allowing some wiggle room is essential

Anything that is too restrictive is going to be impossible to stick to 

And sticking to things is what it's all about

That's why exclusion diets aren't something I advocate

Because no-one is going to keep them up in the long run

On the flip side planning is also key

So knowing what you are going to do in each workout is important too

But being able to adapt it

Now that's what takes you from being on a diet to living a healthy life

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Online Training offers you the ability to pick and c…

Summer is over 😭

With September now upon us and summer in the rear view mirror

A lot of people will now have given up on their health and fitness regimen

The reason...

Because what's the point in your body looking good when you're covered up in your winter clothes?

This does have some merit I have to admit


The constant battle of trying to get in shape for the summer plagues a lot of people

Because getting in shape is tough 

There's no doubt about that

But staying in shape

That's a lot easier

Plus being two stone overweight isn't healthy

Irrespective of what season it is

So stop letting the calendar dictate when you look and feel great

It's about time you took charge

If you need any help or assistance then please don't hesitate to get in touch via my website here

Until next time, have a great week