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Don't beat yourself up about set backs

One of the reasons why I don't think slimming clubs are the best way of losing weight is the whole weigh in thing

I'm not saying that tracking your progress isn't important 

At the end of the day generally if you are losing weight you are burning fat

However, from speaking to people that have attended slimming clubs

They often mention how not wanting to feel guilty because they gained a pound or two was the main reason for eating well and exercising

This is where I believe there is a problem...

The desire to avoid failure can be a very powerful motivating factor in the short term

On the other hand striving for success has much more longevity

Because if you keep beating yourself up in the event of every single set back

Eventually you will just give up

Especially if you have a long way to go to reach your goal

At the end of the day it's a journey and slip ups are inevitable

So in my opinion it makes no sense to dwell on them

Concentrate on doing the right things day to day and the re…

Damned if you do, damned if you don't

As you know I often talk about articles that I come across from time to time and I read another really interesting one today

Apparently when it comes to carbs you are screwed either way

Because both low and a high carb diets have been linked to a shorter lifespan, according to a recent study

However, the results weren't that simple

At this point basically everyone knows that a diet high in carbohydrates is bad for you, due to chronically elevated blood sugar levels

That part is pretty straight forward...

However, when it comes to low carb diets the devil is in the detail

Because it depends of what you are replacing your carbs with

Excessive consumption of animal products such as meat and cheese might not be so great

But if you take a more balanced approach and consume more plant based foods instead, this may be the way to go

But the thing is neither of these are good long term solutions

Don't get me wrong when it comes to weight loss Ialways advocate a low carb diet

Because it works - eve…

Fail to prepare and prepare to fail

So I went to the gym last Friday - I had already completed my sessions for the week but my girlfriend was going so I thought I'd tag along anyway

But after about 20 minutes I was ready to leave - I had ZERO motivation and couldn't work out why

Normally I get in, put my music on and it's no issue to get through the hour or so of training that I have planned

But then it clicked...

It was precisely because I HADN'T planned this workout

It makes sense - I often see people in the gym wondering from machine to machine with a lost expression on their face

It's not because they are lazy, they are just lacking some direction

And I realised that was ME

Despite the fact that I'm fairly well clued up when it comes to training (you would hope so anyway)

When I don't have a clear plan or goal in mind, the effort just isn't there

I've also found that the same is true when it comes to diet and nutrition

Planning and tracking what you eat each week is the first step to getting…

Coping with emotional eating

In my experience as a weight loss coach, emotional eating is something that I have come across on numerous occasions

It is the tendency to eat when you are experiencing negative emotions such as stress, sadness and anxiety

Emotional eating is a massive issue when it comes to weight loss as it creates a vicious cycle of feeling down, binging, then feeling guilty followed by more binging

Without the appropriate coping mechanisms in place this can be an extremely tough cycle to break out of

First and foremost I would advise addressing the issues in your life that are causing you to feel negative emotions on a regular basis

However, at the end of the day s*** happens and all of us experience negative emotions at times, so ensuring that you do not reach for the biscuit tin in response to this is essential

If you are an emotional eater then try putting these 5 strategies in place to deal with it

1. Understand the pattern
The first step to solving the problem is to gather as much information you can…

Glug glug glug... Let's talk about booze

When it comes to helping people lose weight I've found alcohol consumption to be one of the biggest barriers when it comes to success

Now I'll admit straight away that I am absolutely no saint when it comes to booze and I enjoy a drink just like most people

The trouble is that it is so ingrained into our culture - I know for me at least pretty much every social event involves drinking

And if you are the designated driver it always seems like you have been stitched up somehow

Despite the fact that you will be the one waking up the next day feeling fresh as a daisy instead of having a mouth that feels like an old carpet - but I digress

Aside from giving you a hangover, alcohol contains a huge number of excess calories that people don't account for (or choose to forget about) when they are trying to lose weight

Now as I mentioned I enjoy alcohol, but recently I have been trying my best to limit it to just one day a week and the results have been quite profound...

I've lost 1.5 K…